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Thank you to all who attended and to our wonderful presenter Elana Leigh.

TAIP Spring Conference 2019

Event Details

Saturday, April 6, 2019
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Canadian International School (Map)

This will a full day workshop with six hours of professional development.
TAIP Member Fee: ¥5,000
Full day, lunch included
Non-Member Fee: ¥10,000
Full day, lunch included
8:00 am
Registration Opens
9:00 am
Morning Session Begins
Lunch Break
1:00 pm
Afternoon Session Begins
4:00 pm

Switching on Your Right Brain in the Classroom

Presented by Elana Leigh
Research strongly demonstrates that the central healing in any relationship emanates through right brain to right brain communication. Because this fact challenges our left-brain way of making sense in the world, as well as that we don’t have an inner map of communicating in this way, we can often dismiss this important information.

Right brain to right brain communication is essential knowledge for teachers. Difficult and problematic transactions with children and or parents is often not do with what is said but what is perhaps not known, and not spoken-the unconscious wins the race.

In this full day conference we will explore the theory and practice of right- brain to right brain teaching and BEING in the classroom.  This will be an active day combining didactic and experiential learning.
About the Presenter
Elana Leigh
B.Sc. Social Work (University of Cape Town). MSc. Integrative Psychotherapy (Middlesex London).

Certified Transactional Analyst CTA and Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst TSTA (ITAA).

Elana has trained and supervised nationally and internationally across a range of cultures for the past 26 years. Her specialty is long term training where the task is to take trainees through the rigorous journey of becoming an ethical professional. Having been trained as an integrative psychotherapist, her passion lies in integration and diversity in both theory and application. Elana is actively involved both nationally and internationally on bodies which maintain and advance training standards in the field of psychotherapy. She currently works as a psychotherapist in private practice, supervisor and trainer in Sydney.

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