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Spring 2023 - Kosodate Shien-in Training (Hoikushi-lite)

January 10, 2023

New Class Start:2023 January, April, July, October !!


2023 Spring
Let's participate in Kosodate Shien-in Training (Hoikushi-lite)
Improve your career as a nursery school teacher.
Get a chance to work in a nursery school.

Lots of benefits:

  • Some nursery schools will give you allowances. 
  • You could obtain the knowledges of childcare in Japan. 
  • You will be more trusted by nursery schools and parents. 

Kosodate Shien-in Training 

Able to complete by 5~7 days seminar + 2 days observation training!  

The number of days and method may differ depending on the municipality.

Training participation fee is basically free!  (Text fee, transportation expenses etc. are self-paid)


People who is residing in Japan. 

N3 level of Japanese are required. 

OBP SUPPORT COURSE for foreigners 

OBP is the only organization which has a support course for foreigners to participate in

Kosodate Shien-in Training. 

Support Fee: 30,000yen (*Separated from official Kosodate Shien-in Training) 

Support Contents: Simulated Lessons (on zoom), Application orientation and support, 

Job support, etc.


For the people who would like to quickly level up your Japanese skill

Learn More (PDF)!

or visit OBP Academy Online at

Learn More:

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