TAIP Newsletter - Issue 5

April 29, 2022

Professional Development

Thank you to Dr. Jim Partington for the workshop "Understanding and Changing Challenging Behaviors," which he presented on April 23, 2022.

Also, thank you to all of the participants. This was a well-attended workshop, and the feedback has been very positive.

Online Access for A Limited Time

We have permission to release an edited version of the presentation by Dr. Partington to TAIP Members. The video will be available for viewing between May 11 and May 25. We will send the video link and password to Member Points of Contact on May 10.

Do you find good teaching resources online?

Volunteer Content Contributors

As educators in 2022, we have access to a large pool of online resources.

Sometimes, though, that largeness makes finding the resources that fit your class and your needs challenging.

To help TAIP Teachers, we are starting a curated Teachers Online Resource Library.

Volunteer "curators" offer links to publicly available resources that they have found helpful and a short description of how they found and used that resource.

If you are an educator who is good at finding and using online resources, please sign up for an informational meeting next month to learn more about being a volunteer curator: Online Resource Library Volunteer Sign Up Form

Please email John Adduru at if you have any questions.

(Thank you to those who volunteered already...we will be in touch soon!)

What Are You Reading? & Book Club Notice

What Are You Reading? is a chance to let the TAIP community know about valuable books for early childhood educators.

Today's book review is by Maki Yagi of OBP Academy. The book is へいわとせんそう (Heiwa to senso - peace and war) by Shuntaro Tanikawa.

"A Japanese book with simple words which are easy to translate into English. The simple black and white illustrations and words are very powerful and make it easy for children of all ages to understand what peace and war means." - Maki Yagi

Thank you, Maki, for the recommendation.

Please let us know what you are reading using the form: TAIP Book Review Form

(APOLOGIES: There was an error on the form last month, which is now corrected. Apologies to anyone who was not able to use the form then.)

TAIP Book Club

And if you are interested in joining the upcoming TAIP Book Club, please reach out to our TAIP Secretary, Merete Kropp (Komazawa Park International School), at:

Associate Member Spotlight

Associate Members are institutions or corporations that support early childhood education in Japan.

Today's Spotlight is LUCREA. Please read their message and get in touch for more information.

"LUCREA, Inc., is the only entity that provides multidisciplinary services for children with developmental delays and/or neurological differences for the native and foreign communities in Tokyo. LUCREA has relationships with many international schools in Tokyo and has been working with many diplomatic families for years. We provide individual and tailored educational support for children exhibiting delays in various developmental areas that are not only speech and language but also behavioral, cognitive, emotional, and motor development, as well as academics. "
"We believe in a child-centered and holistic approach in order to actualize personalized treatment which flourish each unique individual learner’s behavioral, emotional, cognitive, social, and educational development. "

"Our fundamental goal is to provide early intervention and educational support for children exhibiting delays in order to improve self-reliance and quality of life. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals including BCBA, PT, OT, ST/SLP, ABA therapists, and Special Education specialists. We aim to offer services to assist children with the utmost care and consideration. We work to broaden the understanding of these types of issues and adapt to our ever-changing environment by providing hybridized online services whilst still aiming for balanced motor and cognitive-focused learning. We do this within the context of our broader goals of providing education, enrichment, and advocacy for the promotion of a more inclusive society that respects human rights. "
"For more information, please visit our website: If you have any specific questions or have a referral, please contact Director Yoko Sato at"

Thank you!

Learn More:

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