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Tanya Batt presenting “Storytelling in the Preschool Classroom” at the TAIP 2018 Fall Annual Conference at Summerhill International Preschool.

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TAIP Online Workshop

Presented By: Kinota Braithwaite

Date: Saturday, June 11, 2022

Time: 9:00 - 10:00 am

Eligibility: This free workshop is limited to TAIP Member Schools, Organizations, and Individual Members.

Battling Racism and Bullying Through Books

In this workshop, Kinota shares the story of his daughter who experienced racial bullying at her Japanese elementary school because of her skin color.

Throughout the workshop, Kinota shares a universal message that all children are beautiful regardless of their skin color, and he helps us think about how we can educate our students and promote acceptance.

Takeaways from this workshop include:

  • Encouraging adults to help children to take purposeful steps toward anti-racism
  • Build a shared understanding of concepts related to race, racism, and anti-racism
  • Provide strategies to sustain anti-racist practices when responding to racist events
  • Reading of Kinota's Sakura Medal Nominee book Mio The Beautiful
  • Sharing of Kinota's anti-racism resources (lesson+unit plans) for teachers

The workshop is followed by a Q&A time in which participants are welcome to ask questions as well as share their own stories.

About the Presenter

Kinota Braithwaite is African Canadian now living in Fujisawa, Japan. He is an anti-bullying/anti-racism activist, speaker, and writer. He's also a licensed elementary Montessori Teacher.

To date, he's written three books, Mio the Beautiful, Kei the True Friend, and Mio's Wish. All three highlight the bullying and racism biracial children experience in Japan.

Visit Kinota's website www.learnwithkinota.com

Recent Workshops

Alice Sharp presenting "Provocations for Learning" at the TAIP 2019 Fall Annual Conference at Shinagawa International School.

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Member News

The following posts are from our member schools and organizations.

Ohana International School
March 2, 2022

Children want us to tell them the truth, when they ask questions. If we just stick with the facts, and say things as they are, this will avoid any issues of mistrust or further questioning. Children can sense when we are honest or not. Tell them the facts. Leave out the emotions. PEACE TO UKRAINE.

New TAIP Associate Member: LUCREA, Inc.
November 10, 2021

Please welcome our newest TAIP Associate Member, LUCREA, Inc.!

Visit their homepage to learn more about their organization.

Ohana International School
Shelley Sacks, "Some Pieces of My Puzzle" Art Exhibition
November 9, 2021
Our Director, Shelley Sacks, is having a Solo Art Exhibition from Saturday November 27th to Sunday December 5th, 2021. Come along and meet her any day, any time and bring along friends and family. Please see details on the flyer attached
OIST Tedako Child Development Center
New TAIP Member: OIST Tedako Child Development Center
November 9, 2021

Please welcome TAIP Satelitte Member, OIST Tedako Child Development Center!

Visit their homepage to learn more about their school.

St. Alban’s Nursery School
St Alban's Nursery is seeking a Nursery Director.
November 2, 2021

St Alban's Nursery is seeking a Nursery Director to take over its operations from Sep. 2022, ideally starting in April to prepare the way for a smooth leadership transition.

Please see linked church newsletter or contact Executive Director Roslyn Hayman at rehip@aol.com, for more information.

Yokohama Christian School
New TAIP Member: Yokohama Christian School
October 9, 2021

Please welcome our newest TAIP Member, Yokohama Christian School!

Visit their homepage to learn more about their school.

Soramame Nursery School
New TAIP Member: Soramame Nursery School
September 20, 2021

Please welcome our newest TAIP Member, Soramame Nursery School!

Visit their homepage to learn more about their school.

Ecole Internationale Franco-Japonaise 東京日仏国際学園
New TAIP Member: Ecole Internationale Franco-Japonaise
September 4, 2021

Please welcome our newest TAIP Member, Ecole Internationale Franco-Japonaise 東京日仏国際学園!

Visit their homepage to learn more about their school.

Ohana International School
Welcome Back for the New School Year
August 27, 2021

ZERO PLASTIC remains part of our Sustainability and Social Responsibility programme at Ohana International School. We can all make a difference and trying not to use "single use plastic" at all, takes effort and commitment.

New TAIP Member: No Borders International Schools
July 8, 2021

Please welcome our newest TAIP Member, No Borders International Schools, from Nagoya!

Visit their homepage to learn more about their school.