TAIP supports early childhood educators through training, networking, and publicity.

Tanya Batt presenting “Storytelling in the Preschool Classroom” at the TAIP 2018 Fall Annual Conference at Summerhill International Preschool.

As a member-funded association in Tokyo since 2005, we have sponsored a wide range of workshops for teachers.

In addition to schools, we welcome businesses and individual members in our community and have grown to include schools outside of Tokyo through our "Satellite Membership" program.

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TAIP is now a proud domestic partner with JALT, The Japan Association for Language Teaching! This partnership signifies a mutual commitment to fostering academic and professional growth. Together, we aim to bring more value and opportunities to our members.

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TAIP Teacher Sharing

Grow your practice as an early childhood educator! Connect with colleagues, discover new strategies, and share your expertise during our Teacher Sharing Sessions on May 17, 2024. Similar to job-alike sessions, these sessions will be teacher-led and teacher-focused.

Eligibility: This free session is limited to teachers from TAIP Member Schools, Organizations, and Individual TAIP Members.

Session Details:

  • Venue: Aoba-Japan International School (Meguro Campus)
  • Address: 2-11-5 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042
  • Date: May 17, 2024 (Friday)
  • Time: 17:15-18:30, with an optional school tour from 18:40-19:00
  • Fee: Free
  • Capacity: 20 participants per topic

Discussion Topics:
Participants can select one of the following topics for an in-depth discussion:

1. Circle Time
Explore strategies to enhance student interactions, share your favorite activities, and discuss managing transitions effectively.

Guiding questions:

  • How do you use circle time to foster social skills and peer interactions?
  • What are some of your favorite circle time activities that have worked well with your early years students?
  • How do you manage transitions between different activities during circle time?

2. Literacy in the Early Years
Discuss creating a literacy-rich environment, integrating literacy across your classroom, supporting emergent literacy skills, and engaging activities for early reading and writing development.

Guiding questions:

  • How have you created a literacy-rich environment in your early years classroom?
  • Can you share examples of how you integrate literacy elements into different areas of your classroom, beyond the traditional reading corner?
  • How do you support the development of emergent literacy skills, such as phonological awareness and print awareness, in your classroom?
  • What activities or games do you find effective in helping children develop early reading/writing skills?

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