New International School Founding Director/Head of School Steven Parr speaking at the TAIP 10th Anniversary Celebration in 2015.

About TAIP

The Tokyo Association of International Preschools was established on March 1, 2005, with the mission to support international preschools in the Tokyo area in terms of networking, staff development, parent education, and publicity.

The schools collectively recognize that the selection of a school for one’s child is a great responsibility and for that at least a first step is to know which schools are available. The Schools page on this website lists all of the members schools in alphabetical order with direct links to their websites. We would encourage parents to visit by appointment any school in which they may be interested.

TAIP does not endorse any particular program and offers equal support and opportunities to all of its members, regardless of the size of the school.
The association’s activities and services are funded through annual membership dues, and sponsored or co-sponsored workshops and events.

TAIP Constitution

Learn more about us and become a better member by reading our constitution.

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