Get a bigger carpet! (Blocks)

Lisa Murphy
Remote Workshop
November 27, 2021
9:00 – 10:30
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Lisa LOVES blocks, likes to play with blocks, likes to reflect on the history of blocks, likes to observe block play and
really likes talking about how block play connects with all four domains of DAP. Like the Mixed Ages session, this is
another “read her paper and riff in real time” session! While she initially set out to investigate whether or not
preschool teachers value block play, an extensive review of the literature did not reveal existing data that explored
this question, however it did suggest five consistent variables which indicated value of block play: their attitude
toward blocks, the amount of classroom time and space allotted for block play, the materials offered in the block
area and teacher involvement with children in the block center. During this session Lisa shares an informal
overview of her research, some of her findings, a brief history of block play, various stages of block building and
how blocks, and block play in general, connects to all four domains within DAP.


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