Bowling Fun and Friendly Competition! Thank You to All Participants!

December 11, 2023

We want to send a huge “thank you” to all the schools and organizations who joined us for a fantastic time at the 9th Annual TAIP Bowling Tournament at the Shinagawa Bowling Center last Saturday!

We had amazing teams from:

Congratulations to Joy to the World for winning 1st Place, making it a four-peat, and keeping the trophy for another year! (We can’t wait to see who will rise to the challenge next year! 😉)

We played two exciting rounds with our new TAIP Tournament rules to keep things interesting. In the first round, we scored high to low, with the top 4 teams moving on to the “upper tier” and starting from zero in a race for the top spot.

The remaining six teams entered the “lower tier” with the option to keep their first score or reset to zero for a fresh start in round two. All lower-tier teams chose to reset, setting the stage for an intense second round.

In a surprising twist, the ASIJ ELC team dominated the lower tier with a score of 261, the second-highest score of the entire round. However, since they started in the lower tier, they ultimately secured a well-deserved fourth place.

Here are the top four teams in the tournament:

  1. Joy to the World - 282 points
  2. Tokyo Children’s Garden - 224 points
  3. Willowbrook International School - 201 points
  4. ASIJ ELC - 261 points (moved up from the lower tier)

Also, let’s give a big round of applause to our outstanding achievers:

  • Highest Single Round Score: Seiko from Aoba with a whopping 167!
  • Highest Combined Score: Isaac from Joy with 280 from two rounds!
  • Most Strikes: Susan from Willowbrook, with seven strikes!

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who joined us for the tournament. Your positive energy and friendly spirit made the event truly memorable. We look forward to seeing even more TAIP schools and organizations join us next year!

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