Cambridge English Exams are available in Tokyo for your EAL students.

January 22, 2024

Special information from our Associate Member West Japan Cambridge Centre:

Cambridge English Exams are available in Tokyo for your EAL students.

These exams are instrumental in motivating younger learners and serve as a crucial stepping stone for older students aspiring to gain entry into universities and various other opportunities. The benefits to both schools and students are manifold. For instance, children are often elated to receive an internationally recognised certificate from a department of the University of Cambridge. This achievement does not just stop at the certificate; it translates into increased motivation, which is evident in their classroom behaviour. Teachers have observed that when Cambridge English Qualifications are introduced, students exhibit a more positive attitude towards learning English, pay greater attention, and show an enhanced commitment to their studies.

Moreover, 'improving career prospects' ranks high among the factors motivating students to learn English. This holds even for younger learners. Another significant benefit is the development of self-confidence, which positively impacts future academic achievements. The confidence that stems from success in Cambridge exams bolsters children's belief in their ability to attain their goals, paving the way for continued academic success.

Lastly, it's important to highlight that Cambridge English Qualifications are meticulously designed to develop real-life communication skills. This aspect is particularly motivating for learners as it ensures that the skills they acquire are not just for the exam but for life.

Please contact if you want to know more or would like to introduce Cambridge to your students. Teacher training and parent seminars available.

Centre Manager

The following PDF is an example of how Shinagawa International School is sharing information about their Cambridge Exams: Cambridge English Exams at Shinagawa International School

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